2 thoughts on “Blogosphere ~ Edith Hall resigned from Royal Holloway

  1. . The news this morning, however, that Professor Edith Hall, a key figure behind the campaign, is to resign from Royal Holloway as of April 2012, seems to have added a somewhat sobering tone to the day’s proceedings. Indeed, members of the ‘Save Classics’ Facebook group have responded with a combination of positive solidarity and profound sadness.
    Professor Hall’s work thus far to promote the ‘Save Classics’ cause has done much to increase the breadth of the campaign’s message and influence not only across the UK but also on a global scale, with support coming from such countries as Germany, Brazil, the US and the Netherlands, as well as from such notable names as Boris Johnson, Stephen Fry and Terry Eagleton. She has been a driving force behind all of the campaign’s efforts to date, with the extent of her input acknowledged in the responses to her announcement on the ‘Save Classics’ page. Indeed, members of the group have reacted with such statements as, ‘Somewhere else’s gain is London’s loss…nobody can say that you have not fought for RHUL all the way along the line’, and ‘your energies deserve a better outlet than fighting the management at RHUL’. Other responses referred to Professor Hall’s departure as ‘devastating’ and a ‘tragedy for RHUL’. One member of the campaign also made note of Edith’s achievements throughout her time at Royal Holloway, which include having ‘published ten books, founded the Centre for the Reception of Greece and Rome’, bringing in ‘many PhD students, as well as grants from the AHRC, the Leverhulme Trust, the British Academy and a private donor’.
    Professor Hall, who described her ‘great sadness’ at leaving her post as Research Chair in Classics and English behind, confessed that she had been persuaded to consider offers from institutions other than Royal Holloway in light of the proposed departmental cuts announced by College Management in June. She claimed in her statement on the ‘Save Classics’ Facebook page to have ‘never for a minute considered responding positively to any of these approaches’ on account of her love and respect for her colleagues at Royal Holloway, but attributed her change of heart to the ‘intense stresses of a professional environment in which the senior management do not in my view uphold the values definitive of a university’. She also cited her distrust of the College’s ‘fiscal competence’ as a contributing factor for her decision to resign.

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