CFP: Eureka Conference 2012

Seen on the Latinteach list:

teaching the ancient world in the elementary and middle school

When: May 11-12, 2012
Where: Derry, New Hampshire (southern NH)
Cost: $25 per teacher (waived for presenters)
Deadlines: 2/1/2012 (to submit a proposal) and 4/16/2012 (to register)

At Eureka, elementary and middle school educators gather to learn not
only from each other, but also from other experts in the field of
ancient studies. The focus is on pedagogical excellence in teaching
about the ancient world. Sessions are connected to state curriculum

Presentations and activities at Eureka will focus on ancient Roman
civilization – from politics and family to hobbies and mythology to
language and literature. Other cultures, including ancient Greece,
Egypt, Mesoamerica, China, and Japan may be included.

The conference includes:

*sessions and workshops on a variety of ancient cultures by your
colleagues and peers!
*clear, engaging summary of the latest research on what we know about
the ancient Romans!
*authentic ancient Roman foods for you to try!
*educational musical concert by a local singer who specializes in
writing and performing songs with clever mythological themes!
*performance of an ancient Roman comedy!
*Latin language exploration!

Consider submitting a proposal! Do you have an awesome idea for
teaching about the ancient world? Have you found a lesson, activity,
or unit that engages your students’ minds? Has recent research or
travel inspired you to share? Proposals may concern the theme (Rome)
or any ancient culture. If your proposal is accepted, registration
fees will be waived.

Made possible by the New Hampshire Humanities Council.

Visit for more information, to submit a
proposal, and to register.

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