CFP: Interactions between Burial and Society in the Ancient Mediterranean and the Near East

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Interactions between Burial and Society in the Ancient Mediterranean and the Near East

University of Liverpool
Friday 11th – Saturday 12th May 2012

The treatment of the dead is a defining feature of all cultures. Whether the dead are cherished or feared, discarded or worshipped, all burial practices offer practicality in the disposal of the corpse but also provide an insight into the interactions between the living and the dead. These interactions manifest themselves through burial practices, grave types and spatial organisation in cemeteries, the ritualistic elements of the funeral and manipulation of the body. There are also wider themes that should be considered when looking at interactions between burial and society such as monumentality, identity, memory and landscape. We wish to explore all of these themes at our conference.

We welcome papers from postgraduate research students and early career scholars who have research interests in aspects of burial and society in the ancient Mediterranean and Near East. Abstracts of 250-300 words stating your research title and outline of your paper should be submitted by email to A.C.Nolan-Webster AT We hope to be able to facilitate circa twenty presentations over the two day period and therefore encourage early expressions of interest.

The aim of this conference is to provide a friendly arena for postgraduates and early career scholars to present their research and network with fellow researchers interested in similar subject areas. Abstracts will be grouped into sessions and papers will be twenty minutes. After each session there will be an opportunity to discuss the papers presented. For those people who do not want to speak, possibly in the early stage of research, we will be accepting posters for display at the conference over the weekend. It is our intention that the proceedings of this conference will be published.

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