ICS Postgraduate Work-in-Progress

Something I’ve long been meaning to include in our updates are notices of new online papers from the Institute of Classical Studies Postgraduate Work-in-Progress Seminar and now that I’m semi-caught up with things, here’s a sampling of the most recent:

Bobby Xinyue (UCL) – Stars and arrows: Vergil’s Aeneid and the divinity of the gens Iulia

Matthew Lloyd (Oxford) – “The warfare in which those spear-famed lords of Euboea are skilled…”  The Archaeology of Warriors and Warfare in the Aegean Early Iron Age (ca.1050-700 BCE)

Mick Stringer (Reading) – “The Numbers Game, Ancient and Modern”
Constructing rationes from the writings of the Roman agronomists

Jane McCarthy (KCL) – Speaking “plain Latin”: insult and licence among the elite in early Imperial Rome

Giulia Brunetta (RHUL)Laus vera et humili saepe contingit viro, non nisi potenti falsa: reflections on praise and flattery in the imperial age

… I’ll try to stay on top of these things rather more regularly in the future …