Also Seen: Excavating Antiochia Hippos

Popular Archaeology:  Archaeologists Excavate Magnificent Monumental City of the Decapolis | Popular Archaeology – exploring the past.\

… this is the place where those Roman soldier footprints were found five years ago. I also mentioned in Explorator (but I don’t think I mentioned here) the following pair of videos about the dig (the background music is kind of annoying):



Roman Era Shipwreck(s) from Near Irakleio

Tip o’ the pileus to Diana Wright for alerting us to this item from Athens News:

Four previously unknown shipwrecks have been discovered some 30 kilometers off the Bay of Irakleio, Crete, in recent underwater exploration conducted by the ephorate of underwater antiquities.

The new finds comprise two Roman era shipwrecks, one containing 1st and 2nd-century Cretan amphorae and the other containing 5th-7th century post-Roman era amphorae, and two shipwrecks containing Byzantine amphorae, dated from the 8th-9th century and later.

The finds, which were made south and east of the Dia islet, which lies 7 nautical miles north of Irakleio, were documented and taken ashore for further analysis.

Three more recent shipwrecks were also discovered, as well as four other areas with archaeological material of various eras and origin which, due to their immense research interest, will be further explored in 2012 by the ephorate.

The exploration was conducted to locate and record underwater antiquities in the wider area of the bay of Irakleio, as well as the Gulf of Yera of Lesvos island and the island of Tilos.