Latin Influences … Dr Seuss?

So less than a minute ago I tweeted how the Lorax (gen. Loracis) seems to be screeching to be translated into Latin right now and I had to check to make sure it hadn’t already … what I did come across was a somewhat esoteric paper about Dr Seuss which included:

Before he was Dr. Seuss, Theodor Seuss Geisel was a failed novelist. He was an English major, and he studied at Oxford (one of his professors was the eminent Emile Logouis, a specialist on the work of Jonathan Swift, author of works like “A Modest Proposal” and Gulliver’s Travels). He studied the psychology of advertising, and in his Botany and Zoology classes he amused himself by manipulating the Latin names for plants and animals. Seuss admitted that his study of Latin, particularly the insights it provided into the etymology and construction of words, was a great influence on his writing.

… I’ll let y’all read the rest of the paper and decide what to think about it.

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