Classics Saved Harold Macmillan (maybe)

The Telegraph ponders combining various traits in former prime ministers to create the  perfect one … inter alia, ecce:

Harold Macmillan’s unflappability. It is essential for a prime minister to show grace under pressure and no one demonstrated this quality better than Macmillan, also known as “Supermac”. During the battle of the Somme he was severely wounded in the buttock and leg while leading a charge across No-man’s-land. After dragging himself to a shell hole, he passed the time until he could be rescued by reading Aeschylus’s Prometheus, in Greek, a copy of which he happened to have in his pocket. Whenever the Germans advanced he would stop reading and lie “doggo”, pretending to be dead. Once they had gone he would resume his reading.

Interesting Finds from the Oppian Continue!!

Martin Conde has a pdf of an item in today’s Il Messaggero (which doesn’t seem to be online) commenting on the discovery/work on a huge mosaic found deep in the bowels of the Oppian Hill  which depicts (maybe) five ‘mysterious muses’ …  it seems likely this is related to last summer’s find (also mentioned by Martin Conde): Apollo and the Muses Mosaic Found on the Oppian. I really can’t understand why this isn’t getting any English press coverage …