Classics@ ~ Sappho on Old Age

This has been lurking in my mailbox for a while … there’s a new issue of Classics@ up at the Center for Hellenic Studies … this one is edited by Ellen Greene and Marilyn Skinner; here’s a bit of a blurb:

The world has long wished for more of Sappho’s poetry, which exists mostly in tantalizing fragments. So the apparent recovery in 2004 of a virtually intact poem by Sappho, only the fourth to have survived almost complete, has generated unprecedented excitement and discussion among scholarly and lay audiences alike. This volume is the first collection of essays in English devoted to discussion of the newly-recovered Sappho poem and two other incomplete texts on the same papyri. Containing eleven new essays by leading scholars, it addresses a wide range of textual and philological issues connected with the find. Using different approaches, the contributions demonstrate how the “New Sappho” can be appreciated as a gracefully spare poetic statement regarding the painful inevitability of death and aging.

Here’s the TOC:

  • Marilyn B. Skinner, “Introduction.”
  • Dirk Obbink, “Sappho Fragments 58–59: Text, Apparatus Criticus, and Translation.”
  • Jürgen Hammerstaedt, “The Cologne Sappho: Its Discovery and Textual Constitution.”
  • André Lardinois, “The New Sappho Poem (P. Köln 21351 and 21376): Key to the Old Fragments.”
  • Lowell Edmunds, “Tithonus in the ‘New Sappho’ and the Narrated Mythical Exemplum in Archaic Greek Poetry.”
  • Deborah Boedeker, “No Way Out? Aging in the New (and Old) Sappho.”
  • Joel Lidov, “Acceptance or Assertion? Sappho’s New Poem in its Books.”
  • Joel Lidov, “The Meter and Metrical Style of the New Poem.”
  • Eva Stehle, “‘Once’ and ‘Now’: Temporal Markers and Sappho’s Self-Representation.”
  • Dee Clayman, “The New Sappho in a Hellenistic Poetry Book.”
  • Ellen Greene, “Sappho 58: Philosophical Reflections on Death and Aging.”
  • Marguerite Johnson, “A Reading of Sappho Poem 58, Fragment 31 and Mimnermus.”
  • Gregory Nagy, “The ‘New Sappho’ Reconsidered in the Light of the Athenian Reception of Sappho.”

Check it out at: The New Sappho on Old Age: Textual and Philosophical Issues

This Day in Ancient History: ante diem vii kalendas maias

ante diem vii kalendas maias

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[haven’t had a chance to look into this one in any detail; not sure it is a heritage issue of the sort we usually sign petitions for]