Wonders of the World Podcasts

More from the ever-growing depths of the ‘to blog’ file of my mailbox … for the past while, the fine folks at ABC Tasmania have been bringing Classicist Geoff Adams in to enlighten us about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World … the series has just concluded (I think), so here they all are in one convenient post (n.b.: I couldn’t get the player to work in any of these, but downloading the file worked fine):

Milman Parry on Epithets

This one’s been lurking in my box for a while … the Center for Hellenic Studies have put up a copy of Milman Parry’s doctoral dissertation (?) … here’s their description:

In this foundational and still critically important work, Parry offers a detailed and thorough analysis of proper name and epithet formulae. This analysis brought Parry to a stunning conclusion: the poems could not be the work of an individual poet but must be the product of a tradition. Parry’s lucid argumentation and persuasive methodology deserve and repay careful attention by all interested in Homer, ancient Greek poetics, and oral traditions.

Read it here (it opens to the preface; use the drop-down menu to get to chapters):