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chrestomathy (
insuavity (Worthless Word for the Day)

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This Day in Ancient History: ante diem x kalendas junias

ante diem x kalendas junias

English: Bust of Pompey from the Ny Carlsberg ...
English: Bust of Pompey from the Ny Carlsberg Glyphotek. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tubilustrium — a purification of the battle trumpets which, like the one which occurred in March, was designed to prepare the troops for war (perhaps … this tubilustrium is somehow connected with the following)

Festival of Vulcan

1270 B.C. — Pierre Henri-Archer suggests this day for the fall of Troy

63 B.C. — Pompey takes Jerusalem (by one reckoning)

37 B.C. — Herod takes control of Jerusalem

ca. 303 A.D. — martyrs of Cappadocia

1617 — birth of Elias Ashmole