Connected Past Conference Presentations Online

This is the sort of thing I wish would happen with most conferences/panels … a month or so ago  the University of Southampton was the host for a conference called the Connected Past, which somehow slipped through the cracks at rogueclassicism in terms of an announcement of some sort. The focus, broadly speaking, was on looking at cross-disciplinary methodologies in archaeological research in various time periods. In any event, a pile of the presentations — several of which have a Classical bent — were recorded and are now available online:

Classical Words of the Day

… and a dash of latinitas:

… and just a touch of Greek:!/LiddellandScott/status/206277550815719424

This Day in Ancient History: ante diem vii kalendas junias

ante diem vii kalendas junias

17 A.D. — Germanicus celebrates a triumph for his victories in Germany

106 A.D. — martyrdom of Zachary in Gaul

107 A.D. — Trajan arrives in Rome and celebrates a triumph for his victories over the Dacians

303 A.D. — martyrdom of Felicissimus, Heraclius, and others at what is now Todi (Umbria)