Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews

  • 2012.06.14:  Andreas Mehl, Roman Historiography: an Introduction to its Basic Aspects and Development (translated by Hans-Friedrich Mueller; first published 2001). Blackwell introductions to the classical world.
  • 2012.06.13:  Josine Schrickx, Lateinische Modalpartikeln: Nempe, Quippe, Scilicet, Videlicet und Nimirum. Amsterdam studies in classical philology, 19.
  • 2012.06.12:  André Laronde, Pierre Toubert, Jean Leclant, Histoire et archéologie méditerranéennes sous Napoléon III: actes du 21e colloque de la Villa Kérylos à Beaulieu-sur-Mer, les 8 and 9 octobre 2010. Cahiers de la Villa “Kérylos”, 22.
  • 2012.06.11:  Nathan Badoud, Philologos Dionysios: mélanges offerts au professeur Denis Knoepfler. Recueil de travaux publiés par la Faculté des Lettres et sciences humaines de l’Université de Neuchâtel, 56.
  • 2012.06.10:  Clifford Ando, Law, Language, and Empire in the Roman Tradition. Empire and After.
  • 2012.06.09:  Françoise-Hélène Massa-Pairault, Pergamo e la filosofia. Archaeologica, 159. Archaeologia perusina, 18.
  • 2012.06.08:  Minna Skafte Jensen, Writing Homer: a Study Based on Results from Modern Fieldwork. Scientia Danica. Series H, Humanistica 8, 4.
  • 2012.06.07:  Andrew Faulkner, The Homeric Hymns: Interpretative Essays.
  • 2012.06.06:  Frieda Klotz, Katerina Oikonomopoulou, The Philosopher’s Banquet: Plutarch’s Table Talk in the Intellectual Culture of the Roman Empire.
  • 2012.06.05:  Karin Johansson, The Birds in the Iliad, Identities, Interactions, and Functions. Gothenburg Studies in History 2.
  • 2012.06.04:  Panagiotis P. Iossif, Andrzej S. Chankowski, Catharine C. Lorber, More than Men, Less than Gods: Studies on Royal Cult and Imperial Worship. Proceedings of the international colloquium organized by the Belgian school at Athens (November 1-2, 2007). Studia Hellenistica, 51.
  • 2012.06.03:  Jeffrey Brodd, Jonathan L. Reed, Rome and Religion: a Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue on the Imperial Cult. Writings from the Greco-Roman world supplement series, 5.
  • 2012.06.02:  Stefan Radt, Strabons Geographika, Band 10: Register.
  • 2012.05.55:  Martin Huth, Coinage of the Caravan Kingdoms: Ancient Arabian Coins from the Collection of Martin Huth. Ancient coins in North American collections, 10.
    Martin Huth, Coinage of the Caravan Kingdoms: Studies in the Monetization of Ancient Arabia. Numismatic studies, 25.
  • 2012.05.54:  Julia Hoffmann-Salz, Die wirtschaftlichen Auswirkungen der römischen Eroberung: vergleichende Untersuchungen der Provinzen Hispania Tarraconensis, Africa Proconsularis und Syria. Historia Einzelschriften, 218.
  • 2012.05.53:  C.W. Willink, Collected Papers on Greek Tragedy (edited by W. Benjamin Henry).
  • 2012.05.52:  Franco Montanari, Lara Pagani, From Scholars to Scholia: Chapters in the History of Ancient Greek Scholarship. Trends in Classics – Supplementary Volumes 9.
  • 2012.05.51:  Roberto Mandile, Tra mirabilia e miracoli: paesaggio e natura nella poesia latina tardoantica. Il Filarete, 273.

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