Artemis from Parion

Another one from Hurriyet:

A sculpture depicting the goddess Artemis and estimated to be about 1800 years old has been discovered at an excavation site at the ancient city of Parion, near the village of Kemer in the Biga district of the northwestern province of Çannakale.

The excavation is being conducted by Professor Cevat Başaran, an instructor in the archaeology department at Erzurum’s Atatürk University, and is being carried out in six zones of the ancient city.
The marble sculpture was dug out in pieces at Odeion, one of the six excavation sites. Başaran, the head of the excavation, has announced that the sculpture depicts a clothed woman, is 1.70 cm tall and approximately 1,800 years old, and is a high quality sculpture of its kind. The excavators also found marble sculptures depicting animals including sheep and dogs.

“The bow and arrow in her hand indicates that the sculpture belongs to Artemis [Diana], the goddess of hunting, the wilderness and wild animals,” Başaran said.

I’m not sure whether the photo which accompanies the Sabah version of this story is the statue in question. Other than that, some Turkish coverage I came across has some photos of other finds made this season, but the text (via Google translate, of course) doesn’t really add anything. The last time we blogged about the dig at Parion was a couple of years ago, when they were excavating a necropolis and found a sarcophagus containing what was dubbed the Parion Princess … this find seems to be from the same necropolis.

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