iPad App: Voyage of Ulysses

Another tip o’ the pileus to Ellen Bauerle for pointing us to this iPad retelling of Odysseus’ voyage; first, check out the video:

Looks like it’s geared towards the younger set, but I’m sure some rogueclassicism readers would get a kick out of it. I haven’t had a chance to download and play with it, but it’s five bucks in the app store.

Classical Conference Calendar Redux

Not sure how many folks are looking at the Classical Conference Calendar I set up (click the tab above), but there are quite a few things listed there now. Just reviewing them, however, it seems to be rather Eurocentric (specifically uk-centric), and I’m putting out an appeal to the various departments in North America that have Calls for Papers and/or Conferences (not single lectures) to please ensure to send your Calls for Papers and/or Conference announcements to the APA blog or (even better) directly to me. Ideally, the information exists on a website somewhere, but we can post things if the facilities don’t otherwise exist. With the European contribution, Classics looks very vibrant from a conference point of view … could be even better.

Outside of that, I’m pondering the logistics of a weekly sort of ‘recently added to the calendar’ type post …

Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews

  • 2012.07.50:  Paul Curtis, Stesichoros’s Geryoneis. Mnemosyne supplements. Monographs on Greek and Latin language and literature, 333.
  • 2012.07.49:  Claire Holleran, April Pudsey, Demography and the Graeco-Roman World: New Insights and Approaches.
  • 2012.07.48:  Dorigen Caldwell, Lesley Caldwell, Rome: Continuing Encounters between Past and Present.
  • 2012.07.47:  Daryn Lehoux, What Did the Romans Know?: an Inquiry into Science and Worldmaking.
  • 2012.07.46:  David Collard, Jim Morris, Elisa Perego, Food and Drink in Archaeology 3: University of Nottingham Postgraduate Conference 2009.
  • 2012.07.45:  Stephanos Efthymiadis, Ashgate Research Companion to Byzantine Hagiography. Volume I: Periods and Places. Ashgate research companions.
  • 2012.07.44:  Karina Grömer, Regina Hofmann-de Keijzer, Helga Rösel-Mautendorfer, Prähistorische Textilkunst in Mitteleuropa: Geschichte des Handwerkes und Kleidung vor den Römern. Veröffentlichungen der Prähistorischen Abteilung, 4.
  • 2012.07.43:  Gesine Manuwald, Roman Republican Theatre.
  • 2012.07.42:  Iñigo Ruiz Arzálluz, Francesco Petrarca. La Vita Terrentii de Petrarca. Studi sul Petrarca, 39.
  • 2012.07.41:  Graham Shipley, Pseudo-Skylax’s Periplous: the Circumnavigation of the Inhabited World. Text, Translation and Commentary.
  • 2012.07.40:  Kathleen M. Lynch, The Symposium in Context: Pottery from a Late Archaic House near the Athenian Agora. Hesperia Supplement, 46
  • 2012.07.39:  Robert E. Winn, Eusebius of Emesa: Church and Theology in the Mid-Fourth Century.
  • 2012.07.38:  Sviatoslav Dmitriev, The Greek Slogan of Freedom and Early Roman Politics in Greece.
  • 2012.07.37:  Jenny Bryan, Likeness and Likelihood in the Presocratics and Plato. Cambridge classical studies.
  • 2012.07.36:  Julien Dubouloz, La propriété immobilière à Rome et en Italie (Ier-Ve siècles): organisation et transmission des praedia urbana. Bibliothèque des Écoles françaises d’Athènes et de Rome, 343.