Confusing New York Post Caesar Cover?

Okay, this one was making the rounds of my twitterfeed yesterday, but I’m not going to say whence I got it because there’s something fishy going on … anyhoo, this was purportedly the cover of the New York Post yesterday:

Outside of the obvious (to Classicists, at least) inconcinnity of the image (to which we might at that Barack is supposedly the same word as Barca, which adds to the problem), which wouldn’t be out of the question for the Post, the cover does not appear in their cover archives today … perhaps it changed for the Late City Final edition?. Anyone know if this cover is legit?

UPDATE (a couple hours later): apparently they changed their mind: New York Post Thought Better of ‘Obama As Caesar’ Cover

This Day in Ancient History: ante diem vi idus novembres

ante diem vi idus novembres
  • mundus patet — the mundus was a ritual pit which had a sort of vaulted cover on it. Three times a year the Romans removed this cover (August 24, Oct. 5 and November 8) at which time the gates of the underworld were considered to be opened and the manes (spirits of the dead) were free to walk the streets of Rome. [can anyone confirm for me that the Celtic Gwynn ap Nudd ‘opened the gates to the underworld’ on this day too?]
  • ludi Plebeii (day 5) — the festival in honour of Jupiter continues
  • 30 A.D. — birth of the future emperor Nerva