Nuntii Latini (YLE)

Margaret Thatcher mortua

Margaret Thatcher, pristina princeps ministra Britanniae octoginta septem annos nata, die Lunae (8.4.) mane diem supremum obiit. Causa mortis nuntiatur fuisse infarctus cerebri. Thatcher, qua duce factio conservativa electiones parlamentares ter vicit, Britanniae duodecim annos praefuit, scilicet inde ab anno millesimo nongentesimo undeoctogesimo usque ad annum millesimum nonagesimum (1979-1990).

Alia: Niinistö in Sinas iter fecit … De rebus politicis Francogalliae … Pygmaei sibi iura postulant …‘Heros laboris’ restitutus … De victu salutari mediterraneo … Ver solito serius venire videtur

Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews

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  • 2013.04.23:  J. Albert Harrill, Paul the Apostle: His Life and Legacy in Their Roman Context.
  • 2013.04.22:  Andrew Keller, Stephanie Russell, Learn to Read Greek Part 2 (Textbook and Workbook Set).
    Andrew Keller, Stephanie Russell, Learn to Read Greek Part 1 (Textbook and Workbook Set).
  • 2013.04.21:  Joseph L. Rife, Isthmia IX: the Roman and Byzantine Graves and Human Remains.
  • 2013.04.20:  Denise Eileen McCoskey, Race: Antiquity and Its Legacy. Ancients and Moderns.
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  • 2013.04.15:  Richard King, Dennis Schilling, How Should One Live?: Comparing Ethics in Ancient China and Greco-Roman Antiquity.

Classical Words of the Day


This Day in Ancient History: ante diem xvii kalendas maias

ante diem xvii kalendas maias

  • ludi Cereri continue (day 4)– games in honour of the grain goddess Ceres, instituted by/before 202 B.C.
  • Fordicidia — an obvious fertility ritual in which a pregnant cow would be sacrificed to the earth goddess Tellus
  • 421 B.C. — Peace of Nikias brings the first phase of the Peloponnesian war (a.k.a. the Archidamian War) to an end (by one reckoning)
  • 69 A.D. — the forces of emperor wannabe Vitellius defeat the forces of emperor wannabe Otho
  • 251 A.D. — Martyrdom of Maximus and Olympiades in Persia