OMG!!! Loeb Classical Library Going Digital

This one is making the rounds of various lists and social media … the good news is that you’ll soon be able to walk around with a searchable, shareable version of the Loeb Classical Library on your iPad (and possibly other devices). Here’s the promo video:

More info here: Forthcoming in Fall 2014: The Digital Loeb Classical Library®

The bad news: I don’t see a price anywhere …

3 thoughts on “OMG!!! Loeb Classical Library Going Digital

  1. When I saw the demo at the APA meetings in Chicago, they seemed to imagine an audience of institutional subscriber. I don’t know if that suggests anything about the price structure.

  2. The demo at the APA in Chicago was good, but I do think it will be a library-based subscription, although they may have individual/personal plans. There is a lot still unclear about how this will rollout.

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