DIG: Excavations at Carsulae, Italy, summer 2014

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Excavations of the Baths at Roman Carsulae

June 8 – July 19, 2014

We are still accepting applications from students and volunteers to participate in our ninth
season of the excavations of the baths at Roman Carsulae. The application deadline has been extended to April 15, 2014.

We plan to spend the summer excavating the remainder of the bath building under the protective roof as well as the region immediately to the east, where in recent years we
have uncovered more rooms.   We will also collaborate with our colleagues with the San Gemini Preservation Studies program and the Soprintendenza of Umbria on a plan for the conservation of the bath building.

Our field school welcomes both students and volunteers. Participants are instructed in excavation strategies, techniques and recording, the formulation of research questions and
priorities, identification and handling of artifacts, drafting of site plans, and analytical rendering.  Regularly scheduled lectures are given by both our objects conservator and ceramics analyst on such topics as conservation in the field and lab, the history of ceramics in , and Roman architectural construction methods and materials. 

Throughout the season, participants are given the opportunity to work
with our conservator in the lab cleaning and consolidating small finds, or in
the field helping to conserve the mosaics we have discovered over the course of
the excavations.

For further details such as cost, housing and the schedule, and to apply, please visit our website.