Herodotus: narrator, scientist historian: Delphi Friday 3 – Sunday 6 July 2015

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The European Cultural Centre of Delphi will host a conference entitled ‘Herodotus: narrator, scientist historian’ at Delphi on Friday 3 – Sunday 6 July 2015. The programme is as below. All are welcome to attend, especially graduate students, to up to 20 of whom the ECCD offers a bursary which will provide them with meals (lunch and dinner) from the evening of 3rd to the evening of 5 July and transport from Athens on the morning of the 2nd and back to Athens on the morning of the 6th for a payment of 35 euros. Arrangements have also been made for special rates at some local hotels. For registration, an application form for a student bursary and information about these hotels please contact ewen.bowie​AT

Friday 3 July

John Marincola Ὁμηρικώτατος? Battle narratives in Herodotus Anthony Kaldellis What can we learn about Herodotus from his fifteenth-century imitator Laonikos Chalkokondyles of Athens?

Saturday 4 July

Angus Bowie Herodotus the story-teller; Melina Tamiolaki Friendship narratives in Herodotus;

Ioannis Konstantakos Time, thy Pyramids: the family novella of Mycerinus (Hdt. 2.129–134); Patrick Finglass

Periander and Oedipus: a reconsideration; Reinhold Bichler Herodotus the geographer; Vasiliki Zali

Herodotus mapping out his genre: the interaction of myth and geography in the Libyan logos; Antonis Tsakmakis Cyprus’ one year of freedom and the economy of Herodotus’ narrative; Stephanie West Agariste’s marriage (Hdt. 6.126-130) Tim Rood Cyrus the ethnographer: Herodotus 9.122 and the meaning of the histories

Sunday 5 July

Greg Nagy Herodotus and the courtesans of Naucratis’; Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis Material and sensory approaches to Herodotus; Maria Xanthou Herodotus and his signs: artifacts, mind-mapping and historiography; Smaro Nikolaidou Ἱστορέειν και θωμάζειν: Όροι επιστημονικότητας (και ενότητας) στο έργο του Ηροδότου; Nikolay Grintser Herodotus and the intellectual discussions of the fifth century on literature and language; Scarlett Kingsley Herodotus on truthful historiē: Parmenidean epistemology and historical narrative; Rosalind Thomas Truth and authority in Herodotus’ narrative: false stories and true stories; Paul Demont Herodotus on health and disease; Elizabeth Irwin Herodotus on medicine and empire

21.30 Aristophanes Acharnians in the ΦΡΥΝΙΧΟΣ Theatre, directed by Yiannis Kakleas