Reminder: Prophets and Profits, XVI Unisa Classics Colloquium hosted by the University of South Africa, 29-31 July 2015

Martine de Marre sent this to the Classicists list:

A reminder of the XVI Classics Colloquium to be held from 29 to 31 July 2015 in
Pretoria, South Africa. All enquiries can be directed to Martine De Marre,
dmarrmea​AT​ A final programme will be available closer to the
conference date, but the speakers and paper titles at the conference are as

• Jon Solomon (Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) ‘Filming the Insights of the
Sightless: The Reemergence of Teiresias in the 1990s’
• Esther Eidinow (Nottingham) ‘Do You Feel Lucky? Explanations of Oracular
• Federico Santangelo (Newcastle) ‘Divination and Profit in the Roman
• Folake Onayemi (Ibadan) ‘A Yoruba Adaptation of Greek Drama’
• Reina Pereira (Beira Interior, Portugal) ‘Blasphemy: are prophets
crooks? An analysis of IA 956-958’
• Luca di Campobianco (Johannesburg) ‘On oracles and free will. The case
of Perseus the fated murderer’
• Ralph Anderson (St Andrews) ‘A story of blood, guts and guesswork:
synthetic reasoning in classical Greek divination’
• Claudia Fratini (Unisa) ‘L’Oracolo (1990)/The Oracle (2005): the
katábasis of Odysseus as prophetic action in the narrative of present’
• Szerdy Nagy (KwaZulu-Natal) ‘Prophecy and Paul Kruger: the role of
prophecy in the plot development of Robert Grendon’s epic, Paul Kruger’s Dream’
• Lisa Maurice (Bar Ilan) ‘Screening Immortals in a Secular world’
• Philip Bosman (Unisa) ‘Value-added divination at Dodona’
• Katherine East (Royal Holloway) ‘Deconstructing Divination:
Superstition, Anticlericalism, and Cicero’s De Divinatione in Enlightenment
• Jeffrey Murray (Cape Town) ‘Astrology in Valerius Maximus’
• Alex Nice (Witwatersrand/U Libre de Bruxelles) ‘From Astrology to
Astronomy. C. Sulpicius Galus (cos. 166 BC), Greek wisdom, and Cicero’s De
• Richard Evans (Unisa) ‘The non-role of the Didyma oracle in the Ionian
War (500 – 493 BCE)’
• Arturo Sanchez (Complutense U of Madrid) ‘Ancient divination in Eurasia.
The Enarees in Scythian culture’
• David Bullen (Royal Holloway) ‘Putting Words in the Mouth of God: Re-
imagining Dionysus’s Prophecies in 21st Century Interpretations of Euripides’s
• Andrea Doyle (Johannesburg) ‘Les dames sybilles – Authorizing Voices
and the Voices of Authority in Christine de Pizan’
• Daniel Crosby (Fresno Pacific) ‘“Arrows Fletched From Our Own Wings”:
The Early Church Fathers and the “Delphi of the Mind’
• Olivier Dufault (California) ‘The professionalization of Greek curse
writing in late antiquity‘
• Sophia Taborski (Pittsburgh) ‘Not Just for the Birds: Augury in Archaic
Athenian Vase-Painting’

CfP for electronic journal Rursus

Seen on the Classicists list:

RURSUS, a peer-reviewed electronic journal on « poetics, reception and rewriting of
ancient texts” with an international editorial board, issues a call for papers for its two
next volumes, on the topics “Latin translation of (ancient) greek texts” (n°9) and ”Ancient
parodies and pastiches” (n°10). The first deadline is very close (07/15), and publication is
expected before december. Feel free to submit and encourage advanced PhD students
to do so. All information is available here :