Classics for All Reviews

edited by Ugo Zilioli

Routledge (2015) h/b 216pp £85 (ISBN 9781844658435)

The impact of Socrates can be measured by the golden age of philosophy that followed his death: apart from Plato and Aristotle in Athens, schools sprung up in Megara, Elis, Eretria, and Cyrene. This collection of essays, arising from a conference in 2013, turns the spotlight on these Socratic schools and their relationship to Socrates and his pupils, the so-called Socratics.

The first chapter sets the ball rolling by using Plato to identify who the Socratics were and in the process shows that the very concept of a Socratic is hazy at best. This sets the tone for the volume as a whole, which frequently invites the reader to examine their own assumptions. For instance what exactly is a philosophical school? Or indeed what is a Socratic school, given the wide divergence of views entertained by different individuals?


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