This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem iii idus octobres

ante diem iii idus octobres

  • Nero & Agrippina II Aureus. Struck 54 AD, Lugd...
    Nero & Agrippina II Aureus. Struck 54 AD, Lugdunum mint. RIC 1. BMC 6. C 6. CBN 5. Vagi 656. Calicó 399. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Fontinalia — a festival in honour of the divinity Fons, who presided over springs and wells; such sources of water were festooned with garlands for the occasion

  • 54 A.D. — death of the emperor Claudius, purportedly succumbing to a plate of poisoned mushrooms dished up by his niece/wife Agrippina; dies imperii of Nero (son of Agrippina)
  • 1920 — birth of Donald Russell (Oxford emeritus)

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