This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem xv kalendas novembres

ante diem xv kalendas novembres

  • Tiberius. As. Bilbilis mint. L. Aelius Sejanus...
    Tiberius. As. Bilbilis mint. L. Aelius Sejanus, praetorian consul. Struck AD 31. TI • CAESAR • DIVI • AVGVSTI • F • AVGVSTVS•, laureate head right / MV (ligate) • AV(ligate)GVSTA • BILBILIS • TI • CÆSARE • V ÆLIO • [SEIAN]O, large COS within wreath. RPC I 398; NAH 1079-80; SNG Copenhagen 620. Important historical type with the name of Sejanus removed in damnatio memoriae. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
    48 B.C. — Octavian dons his toga virilis
  • 17 A.D. — restoration of the Temple of Janus at the Theatre of Marcellus (and associated rites thereafter)
  • 31 A.D. — Execution of the commander of the Praetorian Guard, Lucius Aelius Sejanus, after revelation of his activities against the emperor Tiberius.
  • 33 A.D. — Death of Vipsania Agrippina (Agrippina ‘the elder’), wife of Germanicus and mother of the emperor Gaius (Caligula), among others (another possible date).
  • 84 A.D. — martyrdom of Luke

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