More Celebrity Latin Tattoos

… well sort of … According to USA Today:

This elusive couple didn’t confirm their April 2008 nuptials until a year later and have remained mostly mum on their relationship. They have been spotted in public with their rings on about a dozen times in the past year. They both have the number 4 tattooed on their ring fingers in Roman numerals, and neither wears a ring while performing.

… the elusive couple being Jay-Z and Beyonce … an account of their wedding at E!Online explains the Roman numeral:

According to various media reports, the Roman numeral IV was also prevalent throughout the party, in honor not only of the wedding month and day (4/4/08), but because the number holds special significance for the couple, each of whom was born on the fourth of the month—September for Knowles, December for the man born Shawn Carter.

… so nothing specifically ‘Latin’ about this one, but how often do you get to mention Beyonce and Jay Z in a classics blog?