CONF: Classics, Reception and Social Class, July 1-2, 2010

seen on the Classicists list:

Classics, Reception, and Social Class

A Workshop, July 1st – 2nd 2010, Royal Holloway at The Boardroom, 2, Gower
Street, London

The Centre for the Reception of Greece & Rome at Royal Holloway
( will be holding a research
workshop to explore the methodological challenges involved in researching
the relationship between social class and the way that ancient Greek and
Roman civilisation have been ‘received’, especially since the late 18th
century, and especially (but not exclusively) in the UK and Ireland. Issues
that will be explored are the contestation of the validity of ‘class’ as an
analytical category, the identification of archives and other data relating
to working-class education and self-education, and the use of classical
material in self-consciously class-conscious organisations such as Trade
Unions and political parties. Confirmed speakers include Chris Stray
(Swansea), Ed Richardson (Princeton) and Paula James (The Open University).
Expressions of interest, comments, suggestions, and offers of papers and
interventions are all equally welcome. Please email edith.hall4 AT

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