Make Suggestions About the New Edition of Wheelock!

posted with permission of Dr. Lafleur:

SALVETE, VOS OMNES! I thought I’d let folks who may be interested know that, having completed the new Latin reader SCRIBBLERS, SCVLPTORS, AND SCRIBES (a companion to Wheelock and other introductory texts, scheduled for publication Winter 2010), I am continuing work on a new, 7th edition of WHEELOCK’S LATIN, which will be available in paperback and hard cover and is due out winter/spring 2011, in time for summer/fall adoptions; I would very much welcome constructive suggestions from past, current, and prospective Wheelock users, but OFF-LIST, please.

My editors at HarperCollins have generously provided the considerable latitude and resources I requested, so that the new edition will be much enhanced; there’ll be 30+ additional pages, ca. 80 illustrations (vs. the 40 currently), updated maps from the Ancient World Mapping Center at UNC, new and expanded readings (including inscriptions, graffiti, proverbs, and literary texts), a bit of conversational Latin too, an expanded end vocabulary, expanded and clarified grammatical explanations, expansions to the supplementary syntax section, new reading comprehension and translation tips, and an improved format, including totally new, more attractive fonts.

Again, I welcome and indeed solicit suggestions, which should be sent to me at rlafleur AT

Rick LaFleur

One thought on “Make Suggestions About the New Edition of Wheelock!

  1. I think the Participle Chapter is really lacking an easily understood explanation the grammar of English participles as well as examples of how participles work as adjectives.

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