Citanda: Tellus Issue 1

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Tellus is a new magazine for contemporary poetry engaging with ancient civilisations. To order a FREE copy of the first issue simply send your address to orders AT by February 26th.

Featuring Andrew Motion, Michael Longley and Maureen Almond alongside exciting new poets, the first issue boasts a vibrant and eclectic mix; from a Sardinian warrior statue we jump to the Babylonian Enlil’s frustration with the sheer noisiness of the people he has created, to a haunting lyric miniature of a speech by Deianeira from Sophocles’ Trachiniae, and to Lesbia, who finally gets a chance to speak her mind on Catullus 51. For further information please visit the website

This Day in Ancient History: nonae februariae

nonae februariae

  • 218 B.C. — dedication of Temple of Concord by L. Manlius who had vowed the temple after defeating a mutiny of some of his troops in Cisalpine Gaul in 218 B.C.
  • 46 B.C. — Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis commits suicide in the wake of defeat at Thapsus
  • 2 B.C. — Augustus is hailed as pater patriae