Also Seen: Galba in the Times

Galba rarely gets any press from anyone, much less the mainstream press, so when he is mentioned, we better note it. Inter alia from an item in the Times:

Martha Lane Fox is to establish a special unit in the Cabinet Office as she steps up her part in Gordon Brown’s plan to get ten million adults who have never used the internet online. As this was announced her father, the classicist Robin Lane Fox, was comparing Brown’s rule to that of Galba, one of the less successful Roman emperors.

via There are ways of stopping you laughing | Times Online.

… and I note that I saved the Daily Mail coverage:

Robin Lane Fox, Fellow of New College, Oxford, and father of internet whizz kid Martha, gave his verdict on Gordon Brown at a dinner for Oxford classicists.

He quoted Roman historian Tacitus on the Emperor Galba: ‘Capax imperii nisi imperasset’ – capable of being in charge if only he had never been in charge.

I think something was lost in the translation.

… and the Daily Mail reveals, well, you know, what the Daily Mail often reveals …

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