Very Nice Tiberius Relief Coming to Christie’s

Check this out:

Here’s the official description:

An Imperial commission, perhaps from an altar or other civic monument, superbly sculpted in high relief with the emperor Tiberius standing before a seated Genius with the goddess Concordia between them as an intermediary, Tiberius to the left facing right, wearing sandals and a traditional toga over a tunic, standing with his weight on his left leg, the right bent at the knee and projecting back, a scroll in his lowered left hand, his right extending towards the Genius, their hands clasped, a thick wreath in his wavy locks, his features youthful, the Genius (either the Genius Augusti or the Genius Populi Romani) seated on a fringed pillow on an elaborate throne, his feet on a foot stool, the leg of the throne in the form of adorsed palmettes, the back with scrolling, topped by a rosette framed by fronds, the god wearing a himation that exposes his muscular torso, extending his right arm to Tiberius, holding a cornucopia in his left hand, its surface with volutes and rosettes in low relief, the goddess with her body frontal, her head turned toward the Genius, her left arm extended toward him with her hand resting on his shoulder, wearing a chiton and himation, a crescentic diadem in her wavy center-parted hair, a two-line Latin inscription partially preserved above, reading: AD [C…], […]S TI AVGVUST [C…], a projecting plinth below
35 in. (88.9 cm.) high

It is “said to be from Southern Spain”  … the remainder of the official write up is very interesting and worth reading … I’ve been trying to think of a possible event this could be commemorating — probably something local (since it’s marble) — but I can’t really think of anything associated with Tiberius in Spain, other than his neglect of it (according to Suetonius) when he went to Capri …

Press Coverage:

One thought on “Very Nice Tiberius Relief Coming to Christie’s

  1. I knew about this relief the second the public did, and it is such a wonderful view of Julio Claudian Iconography!! I saw that Prof. Pollini has even put this on his new book due out this year, I believe this was at the Getty for a short time, but where is it now?

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