Iron Maiden: Alexander the Great

As I emerge from the zombificatory cloud I’m in after all the report card and graduation festivities, I came across a review of Iron Maiden’s recent performance in Athens, inter alia:

Musically, Iron Maiden were as crisp and meticulous as they are in the studio, and long-term Maiden fans expect nothing less from the band. Great sound and stunning backdrops and lighting effects, as always, although my only complaint is directed against Bruce Dickinson who once again managed to insult the Greek fans. Every Greek fan lives with the dream of listening to Alexander the Great live, at least once in his or her lifetime. Given that every time Maiden release a new album, it goes straight to number one in the Greek charts, you would think they can make an exception and play it just for them, at least once – as a bonus. And even if they don’t play it, at least don’t tease them about not playing it. Bruce, that was not nice, mate, you weren’t funny if you thought you were, and it was bang out of order.

via Sonisphere 2011: Maiden Athens | The Sofia Echo.

In case you’ve never heard it … here’s a good fan mashup video:

I’ve always thought the intro to this was a bit too long and Spinal Tap-like … decent song otherwise, though. We’ll be getting to other matters relating to Alexander sometime in the next few days …

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