ClassCon in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’

From the Hollywood Reporter comes word of some Classical connections in an upcoming movie called Snow White and the Huntsman … inter alia:

In the script, the dwarfs are named after Roman emperors with McShane playing the group’s leader, Caesar, Jones as a timid dwarf named Claudius and Izzard playing Tiberius, described as the biggest and burliest of the crew. Hoskins will play Constantine, a blind dwarf, Graham an angry-looking dwarf named Nero.

Winstone is playing Trajan, the twin brother of Hadrian (Marsan).

Not sure why they’re named after Roman emperors … did they have names in Grimm?

One thought on “ClassCon in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’

  1. No names in Grimm. But dramatization requires that they be individualized, and Roman emperors are as convenient a device as any, and one that is nicely safe against Disney’s legendarily formidable legal staff.

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