David Cameron and the Elgin/Parthenon Marbles

I was wondering if this was going to be brought up, given the current situation in Greece … from the Guardian:

David Cameron has rejected a call for Britain to “put right a wrong” that dates back just short of two centuries by returning the Parthenon marbles to Greece.

Andrew George, the Liberal Democrat MP for St Ives, reopened the issue of the marble sculptures, currently in the British Museum, when he incorporated the Greek financial crisis in a Commons question.

George told Cameron at prime minister’s questions that Britain could do its bit to help Greece by returning the sculptures to Athens.

He made the suggestion after the prime minister reiterated his belief that the European financial mechanism should be used to bail Greece out of its financial problems.

George told Cameron: “Whilst of course we should not be making a unilateral contribution to the Greek bailout, does the prime minister not agree that we have something which would help regenerate the Greek economy and put right a 200-year wrong – and that is to give the marbles back”.

Cameron said he had no intention of allowing Britain to “lose its marbles”. He told MPs: “I’m afraid I don’t agree … the short answer is that we’re not going to lose them.”

Of course, at this point in time, even if the marbles were to be returned, they’d probably not have enough staff to allow anyone to see them properly …


One thought on “David Cameron and the Elgin/Parthenon Marbles

  1. Staffing shortages are more of a problem at the BM than Athens.
    Via a Freedom of Information Act request, the British Museum admits that the hall containing the Caryatid is closed for 761.6 hours in 2009 out of the total 2700 hours that the museum was open for.

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