A Theme Park for Pompeii?

Author Caroline Lawrence was suggesting same on BBC Radio this a.m.:

Wallace-Hadrill isn’t a fan of the idea but seems to have had most of the segment; Lawrence expands on her reasons a bit in a blog post: Should Pompeii have a Theme Park?

It’s probably an idea worth considering, if nothing else, but hopefully it would not be anything like that thing next to the Villa del Casale at Piazza Armerina … the potential for, er, ne’er-do-wells messing with the cash flow is also something that would have to be considered.

2 thoughts on “A Theme Park for Pompeii?

  1. Thanks for posting this! I agree that the biggest problem with my suggestion is the Italian socio-political infrastructure. Andrew Wallace-Hadrill and I are having a very friendly discussion about this — along with Mary Beard, Simon Jenkins and David Cannadine — mainly to raise awareness of Pompeii’s plight. Our panel will also be taking questions from the audience so anyone with an opinion is welcome to attend this evening (Weds 27 July 2011) in Cambridge at 8.15 at Lady Mitchell Hall on Sidgwick Site opposite Newnham College. The auditorium seats 600 and there should still be some seats available at the door. More info here: http://bit.ly/iOGyw1

  2. There a number of reasons why the Bay of Naples should not have a theme park:

    1. When Vesuvius does blow, and because of the long time since the last big bang, the explosion and associated pyroclastic flow are likely to be huge. Adding attractions to the area will increase visitor numbers, and therefore casualties.

    2. Corruption and organised crime in the Bay of Naples are notorious. If the theme park were a financial success, it would suffer from the attention of the Comorra.

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