Tomb of St Philip?

From Zee News … it’s a bit vague and doesn’t say why they think it’s Philip’s, other than it happens to be a tomb in Heirapolis:

The tomb of Saint Philip, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ, has been discovered in Turkey, the Anatolia news agency reported Wednesday.

The discovery was made in Hierapolis at the ancient excavation site in the southwestern province of Denizli, said Francesco D’Andria, the head of the excavation team.

People believed the tomb of Saint Philip was in the “hill of the dead” in Hierapolis, but the team found a new church ruins near the hill where the tomb actually lies.

“The discovery of the tomb of St Philip, who is a very important figure in Christianity, will make a tremendous impression in the world,” D’Andria said.

Archaeologists had been working for years to look for the tomb of the Biblical figure.

Hierapolis is an ancient city and also a Unesco World Heritage Site. The city, famous for its historical hot springs, comprises a mixture of Pagan, Roman, Jewish and early Christian influences.

Saint Philip is believed to have died in Hierapolis around 80 A.D.

Legend says Saint Philip was crucified upside-down or martyred by beheading.

After his death, an octagonal tomb named “The Martryium” was erected for him.

Presumably, then, they’ve found an octagonal tomb with a beheaded or crucifixion victim inside — according to another, similarly vague, version, the tomb hasn’t even been opened, but “One day it will be,” … need more details!

One thought on “Tomb of St Philip?

  1. I underline that Francesco D’Andria, in the past head of National Research Council of Lecce (Italy), is an affordable scholar and a great archaeologist. Not a visionary. If he sayd that uncover a Tomb of St Philip, 99% it’s true: we’ll touch the 100% when the tomb will open.
    D’Andria says that the form and the iscriptions on the tomb are a big demonstration that it’s the Philip’s Tomb.

    Best Regards

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