This Day in Ancient History: ante diem iv nonas sextilias

Hannibal Coin
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ante diem iv nonas sextilias

  • 338 B.C. — Death of Archidamus III (King of Sparta)
  • 216 B.C. — Hannibal inflicts a massive defeat on Roman forces at Cannae (possible date)
  • 86 B.C. — Sulla defeats Mithridates at Chaeronea (possible date)
  • 49 B.C. — Julius Caesar defeats Afranius and Petreius (legates of Pompey) at Ilerda
  • 47 B.C. — Julius Caesar defeats Pharnaces II at Zela (and would later proclaim his victory with the famous “Veni, vidi, vici” )
  • 9 A.D. — death of Quintilius Varus (not sure about this one)


3 thoughts on “This Day in Ancient History: ante diem iv nonas sextilias

  1. Shouldn’t that be “sextilis”, not “sextilias”? Sextilis is a 3rd decl. adjective, so the acc. pl. f. (to agree with “nonas”) would be “sextilis” (with a long -i in the ending) or “sextiles”.

    1. Yes it should … I have a recurring problem with Sextilis, Quintilis, and every now and then Aprilis … thanks for reminding me!

  2. PS — Thanks for posting all this! I hadn’t realized that this particular day had been so eventful.

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