Deltoid Wings at Selinunte?

We mentioned the latest finds from Selinunte a week or so ago (see: Temple of Demeter at Selinunte?) but the Art Newspaper has some new coverage which includes some photos of the finds (Italian-US team discover evidence of Sicily’s oldest temple). I’m not sure how new these photos are since one of them does appear in the 2011 Selinunte newsletter from the IFA at NYU, but check this one out:

via the Art Newspaper

That little winged Nike thing is kind of interesting … can’t recall another depiction of a winged human with the wings coming out of the deltoids! Or was this common at one time?

2 thoughts on “Deltoid Wings at Selinunte?

  1. It might … i wasn’t sure if that was a complete name or whether there was more on the broken bit. I took the Nike identification solely from the fact he seems to be bearing a crown. But Eros or Nike, the wings still sprout out of the deltoids!

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