In Today’s Explorator (15.15)

Intro: as I wade through my mailbox, I note tons of things which I have put in my Explorator newsletter but which never seem to make it to rogueclassicism for hecticity reasons; accordingly, I think I’ll resume posting the Classics section every Sunday … for daily readers of rogueclassicism, there will be many duplicates, but there will likely be a few items I missed (and definitely additional coverage of things I have) …

Archaeologists have reconstructed/raised the roof at the House of the
Telephus relief:

Interesting course in Rome to learn Latin and Greek:\

Posthumous honours for John Geyssen:

Interpol thinks items stolen from Olympia last year might show up at the

Earlier this week I collated a pile of news items on the Ancient

…  to which can be added a couple of items from History Today:\

Boris Johnson recited Armand D’Angour’s ode:\

… and here’s the text, if you want to try yourself:

Latest journalist foray into Roman numerals:

A mini-feature on that head of Claudius found at Suffolk years ago:\

Police have recovered a Roman sarcophagus which was stolen some
20 years ago:\

Review of Michael Kellogg, *The Greek Search for Wisdom*:

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