Catching Up With the Ancient Olympics

Another thing my email box has been filling up with over the past while are articles and blog posts dealing with the ancient Olympics in some capacity, so just in case you’re trapped inside on a rainy day like I am today, here are a few things to occupy your time:

The newest item is kind of interesting; it’s an article about which ancient empire would have cleaned up at the Olympics this year (follow the links inside the article to the page that’s compiling this (the Romans, ca 100 A.D. apparently would be sitting sixth):

Possible comparandum for the foregoing:


There has been some coverage of the associated arrival of the Motya Charioteer in London:

A couple of editorials trying (vainly, I think) to use ancient precedent to comment on modern society:

Some general items:

This one I only include because it suggests ancient Greeks ran clockwise … I thought they ran in straight lines?:

Comparing Olympic art, ancient and modern:

An interview with Chris Carey:

Self-explanatory … by David Potter:

Self-explatory … by Roger Pearse:

Self-explanatory … at the Ancient and Modern Olympics blog:

And last, but not least, some Pindarica:

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