Student Reference Page

As you can hopefully see at the top, I’ve started cobbling together a student reference page and I’m seeking input. The backstory is this: in a week or so, number one son is heading off to university and is actually doing a Classics program (no, I didn’t push him towards it; he came by it honestly). So I’m sitting around thinking of a good ‘going away’ gift for someone with a speedy laptop and initially thought of giving him a jump drive full of Loebs and links. The Loebs are still going to be there, but I thought I could spread the joy and make the links available to all the up-and-coming Classicists who will be striving to complete what we all know is not a simple program.

So, the intended audience of this Student Reference Page are upper level high school students and Classics undergrads. I’m going to assume a ‘standard’ sort of Classics degree, with some Greek, some Latin, and all sorts of ‘civ’ and ‘arky’ things with the primary language being English. I’m also thinking that this will be the sort of place where a Classics student might go when they don’t have a dictionary handy or when they’re casting about for some initial bibliography for a term paper (i.e. in terms of the latter, I don’t want ‘specific’ websites).

Please send things which you think might be useful for such people …

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