CONF: Kent Research Seminars

seen on the Classicists list:

This term, Classical and Archaeological Studies at the University of Kent
offers another exciting and varied research events programme: details below.

The programme includes our own research seminar at 4pm on Monday afternoons,
as well as other lectures on classical antiquity taking place in the
university. All interested parties are very welcome to attend.

Best wishes,

Dunstan Lowe (d.m.lowe AT

SECL = School of European Culture and Languages
KIASH = Kent Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities)


Monday, September 24th, 4-5pm, Maths Lecture Theatre
Dr. Tony Keen, Open University
‘Two Graphic Interpretations of the Matter of Troy: Eric Shanower’s Age of
Bronze and Marvel Illustrated: The Odyssey’

Monday, October 1st, 4-5pm, Maths Lecture Theatre
Staff work-in-progress seminar:
Dr. Patty Baker, University of Kent
‘Greco-Roman Images of Doctors and Cupping Vessels: A Reciprocal Visual
Dialogue Between the Patient and Healer’

Monday, October 8th, 4-5pm, Maths Lecture Theatre
Dr. Kelli Rudolph, University of Oxford
‘The Science of Flavour in Ancient Greek Philosophy’

Wednesday, October 10th, 5-6pm, Grimond Lecture Theatre 1
SECL Popular Lecture:
Dr. Luke Lavan, University of Kent
‘Ostia, Port of Rome, in Late Antiquity: Excavations by the University of
Kent 2008-2011′

Monday, October 22nd, 4-5pm, Maths Lecture Theatre
Dr. Patrick James, Cambridge University
‘Town and Countryside: An Introduction to the Linguistic Landscape of
Athens, Attica, and Atticism’

Monday, October 29th, 4-5pm, Maths Lecture Theatre
Student work-in-progress seminar:
Jo Stoner & Joe Williams, University of Kent
‘Papyri as an Archaeological Source: Household Objects in Private Letters
and Inventories of Late Antiquity’

Thursday, November 8th, 6pm [for venue, check SECL Events Calendar]
KIASH Professorial Inaugural Lecture:
Prof. Ray Laurence, University of Kent
‘Pompeii, Roads and the Spatial Turn: Was the Roman Empire an Early Form of

Monday, November 12th, 4-5pm, Maths Lecture Theatre
Dr. Clare Coombe, University of Bristol
‘Monstrous Regiments: Gigantomachy and the Poetry of Claudian’

Monday, November 19th, 4-5pm, Maths Lecture Theatre
Student work-in-progress seminar:
Signe Barfoed, University of Kent
‘From Mainland Greece to South Italy: Miniature Pottery as Evidence for
Religious Practice in the Archaic-Hellenistic Period’
Celine Murphy, University of Kent
‘Miniaturism, Three-Dimensionality and Tactility: A Study of Minoan Peak
Sanctuary Anthropomorphic Figurines’

Monday, November 26th, 4-5pm, Maths Lecture Theatre
Dr. Lacey Wallace, Independent Scholar
‘Planning, Power, and Building Londinium’

Monday, December 3rd, 4-5pm, Maths Lecture Theatre
Prof. William Fitzgerald, King’s College London
‘Variety: Scenes from the Life of a Roman Concept’

Wednesday, December 5th, 5:15pm [for venue, check SECL Events Calendar]
SECL Distinguished Lecture:
Prof. Christopher Carey, University College London

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