Guide de l’epigraphiste Supplement

Denis Rousset posted this to the Inscriptiones-l list:

Le supplément 2009 du Guide de l’épigraphiste a été mis en ligne à
l’adresse habituelle :

Toutes les remarques et suggestions pour ce supplément 2009 et pour la
suite sont les bienvenues à : guide.epigraphiste AT

Webinar: Making Room for History in a Busy Latin Class

Seen on the Latinteach list:

Rose Williams will be leading a webinar in Bolchazy-Carducci’s summer series for Latin teachers on July 16th, 6-8PM Eastern: “Making Room for History in a Busy Latin Class”. Rose will give a brief overview of Roman history for use very early in the first term which can be used as an outline for the overall study of Latin. Various historical materials that can be woven into your lesson plans will be presented.

Webinar attendees may submit questions and suggestions in advance of the session, and will be asked to submit ideas for using these materials in their respective teaching situations after the seminar. Before the webinar beings, each participant should search his/her text or teaching plan for advantageous areas for integrating history materials.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to info AT or register online at There is a $99.00 charge for the two-hour, live session. By participating in this session, you may qualify for professional development credits.

This Day in Ancient History: ante diem iv idus quinctilias

ante diem iv idus quinctilias

  • ludi Apollinares (day 7) — games instituted in 212 B.C. after consulting the Sybilline books during a particularly bad stretch in the Punic Wars; four years later they became an annual festival in honour of Apollo
  • 100 B.C. (?) — birth of G. Julius Caesar
  • 67 A.D. — martyrdom of Paulinus of Antioch
  • 1536 — death of Erasmus
  • 1922 — birth of Michael Ventris, who would decipher Linear B