Pondering a Major in Classics?

A couple of interesting blog posts up at Psychology Today over the past couple of days:

… which concludes with a question many of us have heard and/or pondered:

But how do you deal with THE QUESTION, that dreaded moment when someone learns you’re a Classics major and asks: “What are you going to do with that?!?”

Well, first of all, your major is not a hammer. You’re not going to “do” anything with it. Your major is a body of knowledge, a way of thinking– the mindsets and skills you have acquired. The more relevant question is: How are you going to apply your knowledge, mindsets and skills in the workplace? In other words, how will your Classics major help you THINK and ACT in whatever career you select? After all, you will have several careers and many jobs over a lifetime and that Classics major in your head will follow you everywhere.

then today, Branding and Marketing the Classics Major offers some suggestions about how to face that interview in the ‘real world’. Not sure it’s much different advice than you’d give if you were a major in a different discipline, but perhaps that’s the point.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the What To Do With a Classics Degree link (also in the sidebar) … delicious tags with bios about famous folks who have degrees of some sort in Classics. I semi-regularly update these and might possibly start including birthdays of same in my ‘This Day in Ancient History’ feature to make their ‘radices’ more widely known ..

2 thoughts on “Pondering a Major in Classics?

  1. In Germany, there is a biannual conference dealing with this question: http://www.archaeoworks.de.

    Last year the conference was a huge success with a lot of ideas exchanged and impulses given – so anyone wondering what to do with a classics degree and happening to be in Germany around June 2011 should come!

  2. I find that the question is more often “What is that?” than “What are you going to do with that?”.

    Of course, my degree is neither purely Classics nor purely Classical Archaeology (“Classical Civilisation” if you wish), which might be adding to the confusion. I also live in a country without much of a Classics tradition.

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