d.m. Sir Kenneth Dover

Word comes via the Classicist list that the eminent Sir Kenneth Dover has passed away … I’ll post obituaries as they become available, but until then, folks may want to peruse the Wikipedia bio of this giant of Hellenic studies … See also the growing list of personal reminiscences:

Update … we’re collecting obituaries under a separate entry

One thought on “d.m. Sir Kenneth Dover

  1. We have lost a bit bite of history. He was President of the British Academy when Blunt was expelled, which led A.J.P.Taylor to resign. Dover’s Greek Homosexuality, 1978 preceeds Leslie Rowse’s Homosexuals in history by several years (depending on when either began to write) in which Rowse began the process of outing a number of Hellenists. But my reading of his line on Charmides gives me the feeling he simply didn’t get it, and all the stuff following is mis-led? His book is ten years after gay liberation and now we’l;l never know apart from James Davidson’s Greek Love?

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