CONF: Conventiculum Buffaloniense

Seen on the LatinTeach list:

Summer is in sight, and summer means conversational Latin conventicula! On
June 27-29, Neil Coffee and I will be hosting the Conventiculum
Buffaloniense at the University of Buffalo, SUNY campus. More information
about the conventiculum is available at On this website, you will
find a description<>of
this year’s Underworld-themed conventiculum as well as the
program <> that we have
planned. Please submit registration
forms<>by May 20.

The mission of this conventiculum is to further the awareness and
appreciation of spoken Latin both as a teaching tool and as a source of
personal enjoyment. The program is appropriate both for beginning and
experienced Latin speakers. Please feel free to e mail me on list or off
list as you deem fit with questions!

Anna Andresian
anna1978 AT


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