CONF: What Catullus Wrote

Seen on the Classicists list:

What Catullus Wrote. An international conference on the poems of C.
Valerius Catullus

20-21 May 2011. Center for Advanced Studies,
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen, Munich, Germany

Speakers include:

Giuseppe Gilberto Biondi (Parma): Catullo, Sabellico (e dintorni) e …
Giorgio Pasquali
David Butterfield (Cambridge): ‘cui uideberis bella’: the influence of
Baehrens and Housman on the text of Catullus
Julia Haig Gaisser (Bryn Mawr): Pontano’s Catullus
Stephen Heyworth (Oxford): Problems in Catullus 45, 62 and 67
Daniel Kiss (Munich): The lost Codex Veronensis and its descendants:
Catullus’ manuscript tradition
David S. McKie (Cambridge): Catullus 64.323-381: the song of the Fates
Antonio Ramirez de Verger (Huelva): Catullus and Nicolaus Heinsius
Gail Trimble (Cambridge): Textual problems in Catullus 64: the task of the

The full programme is online at

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