Macedonians on Display

This is another one of those BBC reports with an unfriendly-to-embed video … it is mostly about finds from Vergina, with sort of a tease about the Alexander exhibition at the Ashmolean: here’s the short blurb that accompanies it:

Some of the finest ancient treasures of Greece have gone on display, in Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum in Britain, even though some of the discoveries have never been seen by Greeks.

They have been unearthed in a royal complex belonging to Alexander the Great and his father Philip.

Archaeologists have determined that Alexander’s Macedonians were not only great warriors but revolutionary builders as well.

Malcolm Brabant reports from Vergina in Northern Greece.

More on the exhibit in an earlier report from the BBC (which I don’t think I mentioned):

2 thoughts on “Macedonians on Display

  1. I’m no expert on Greek architecture, but I’ve certainly seen references to cement, especially in flooring. Could it be they mean concrete? I wish they’d said more about it!

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