Cleopatra’s Tomb Update (of sorts)

The beginning of a piece in Dominican Today:

The feat of Dominican archaeologist Kathleen Martinez, which has circled the globe with her project “In search of Cleopatra’s tomb,” continues attracting the attention of the world’s scientific community. And that’s the reason the scientist of Chinese origin Ng Tze-Chuen, known for his successful projects at NASA and the Russian Astronomy Center, will visit Dominican Republic for the first time.

Ng Tze-Chuen will spend two days on Dominican soil, during which he’ll define the needs which Dr. Martinez’s exploration has its final phase of the search of the tomb of Cleopatra, the last queen of the Nile. The scientist has sought to contribute by volunteering his knowledge to the project, noting its extreme importance for universal archaeology, as a result of the publication by National Geographic Magazine on the work carried out by the Dominican archaeologist. After his visit Ng Tze-Chuen will travel to Hong Kong to work in the design of a high tech robotic device that allows easier and more accurate access to the entangled Egyptian ruins.

During his stay in the country he’s scheduled to visit Foreign Relations minister Carlos Morales Troncoso and Santo Domingo Catholic University director, reverend Ramon Alonso Beato.

“Ng Tze-Chuen and I are joined by common things, he’s a dentist dedicated to the invention of robots and research devices and I’m a lawyer with a passion for archaeology. Both of us are chasing our dreams,” said Martinez after revealing that it’s the first time that a scientific personality of such importance comes to Dominican Republic.

Among Ng Tze-Chuen’s most important projects figure the robot built to enter the Great Pyramid at Giza, in Egypt and supports the Russian space program for the ongoing exploration of Fobos, Mars’ largest moon. […]

… sounds like some sort of reality-show-in-the-making. Or — more likely — National Geographic is taking a credibility hit (I’m sure I’m not the only person complaining about their July issue’s coverage) with their Cleopatra issue and now is going to send a robot with a camera inside that it will broadcast ‘live’ …

2 thoughts on “Cleopatra’s Tomb Update (of sorts)

    1. do a search for martinez in my search box there and you will see all the silliness of this claim …

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