Saving Classics?

Singling out a thought-provoking (hopefully)  blogpost over at Wopro: More Reader Mail: How Do We Save Classics?

… you’re invited to join the convo … for the record, I’m a big proponent of the ‘promotion’ side of things (obviously … I’ve been ranting about the lack of same from the ‘big organizations’ on that score for years) and I think much of Dr Krauss’ subsquent points all connect to that …

One thought on “Saving Classics?

  1. I honestly think that pop-culture references and celebrity endorsements are not going to save Classics. The approach we take should be closer to that of Father Reginald Foster. Whoever has a love for learning the Latin language should be encouraged, and have the resources to pursue the love of the language. And as with any language, the only way to keep it alive is to speak it, which is a key ingredient of Foster’s curriculum. Classicists around the country should organize events/gatherings in their localities, where beginners and masters of the language can help each-other out by learning to speak and understand the language, discuss classical literature and its relevance to social life and history. This can be organized over the internet or through word of mouth.

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