CONF: Ruin or Renewal? Places and the Transformation of Memory in the City of Rome

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Ruin or Renewal? Places and the Transformation of Memory in the City of Rome
The University of Wales Trinity Saint David (Lampeter Campus)
The City of Rome Project (

9-10 March, 2012

This conference aims to explore the connections between memory and the topography of the city of Rome, with a particular focus on the afterlife in antiquity of monuments, buildings and places. Papers will explore such themes as the natural transformation, or the deliberate appropriation or manipulation, of the memories associated with monuments, by means of relocation, restoration, embellishment, neglect or demolition.


Dominique Briquel (Paris-Sorbonne): ‘Monuments of the Regal Period and the Beginnings of the Republic: the Ambiguity of realia’

Amanda Claridge (Royal Holloway): TBC

Marta García Morcillo (Trinity Saint David): ‘Topography of Terror: Proscriptions and the City of Rome’

Lucy Jones (King’s College London): ‘Movemur enim nescio quo pacto locis ipsis: Nostalgia and the Ethics of Social Memory’

Don Miller (Newcastle): ‘For God, Country or Self? Religious Dedications and the Construction of Public Image in Republican Rome’

Jill Mitchell (Trinity Saint David): ‘The Religious Transformation of the Caelian Hill in the Late Fourth Century’

John Patterson (Cambridge): ‘The Imperial City of Rome and the Demise of the Republican Nobility’

Cecilia Ricci (Molise): ‘Memory and Epigraphy. The pauper in First Century Rome, an ongoing research project’

James Richardson (Trinity Saint David): ‘Poetry, Performance and Place in Archaic Rome’

Federico Santangelo (Newcastle): ‘The Statue of Marsyas’

Alexander Thein (Trinity College Dublin): ‘The Myth and Monuments of Castor and Pollux circa 168 B.C.’

Lily Withycombe-Taperell (Royal Holloway): ‘The Temples of Jupiter Feretrius on the Capitoline Hill in Augustan Rome’

The conference is part of the City of Rome Project, and is timed to coincide with the inaugural City of Rome lecture, which will be given by Professor Tim Cornell. The lecture will take place on Thursday, 8 March at 6.00 pm, and will be on ‘The City of Rome in the Archaic Period in the Light of Recent Discoveries’.

Please direct any inquires to the organisers:

Marta García Morcillo (m.morcillo AT
James Richardson (J.Richardson AT
Federico Santangelo (F.Santangelo AT

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