Another Chunk Falls at Pompeii

I saw this earlier in an Italian piece and wasn’t sure if I was reading it right … alas, I was … via ANSA we learn that a chunk from the Temple of Jupiter:

A yard-long piece of plaster fell off the ancient Temple of Jupiter in Pompeii on Wednesday, the archaeological superintendency said. The portion broke off from the external face of the east wall of the cell of the temple in an area without frescoes.

Supervisors at the site said they had already collected the fragments and would reattach them on site. In late December a pillar collapsed in the garden of the House of Loreius Tiburtinus, famous for its extensive gardens and outdoor ornamentation, in particular its Euripi, fountains that feature many frescoes and statuettes.

At the end of November the United Nations cultural agency UNESCO and the Italian government agreed to join forces to restore rain-damaged Pompeii after several recent collapses.

UNESCO said it would work with Italy over a nine-month period to rebuild villas and other parts of the famed Roman site that have collapsed over the last year.

Under the deal, UNESCO said it would provide expert advice to the Italian government on how to upgrade conservation.

In November 2010 there was a collapse in the House of the Gladiators which drew criticism from UNESCO and the European Union.

It was followed soon after by a collapse at the famed House of the Moralist, spurring further criticism from international conservation groups.

In October there were another three minor cave-ins, including one at the House of Diomedes, after a fresh bout of heavy rain and an outcry when an eight-square metre section of a wall fell near the Nola Gate. […]

cf: Pompei, si sgretola il tempio di Giove(Corriere del Mezzogiorno)


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